Dreamy Ben

Topic of the day: 'My neighbour was dreaming'

It was the 4x100m relay. The race has started and he was still roaming around his zone (he's the 3rd runner). Ben didn't even realise that Yong qiang has reached the 300m mark already. In the end, our pole position ended up 5th.

It's a pity that people remember the wrong-doings and not the glorious days when Ben was part of the ever-victorious track team. To my dearest neighbour, I'm really proud of you for your contributions to the sports scene. It has been a true inspiration and joy to see you torch the track, especially during IBGs. Well done, sPORtsman of the Year '07.

Salute to ya.


Back to school!

A meaningful quote to start off my last semester in NUS.

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something I can do.
-- Edward Everett Hale

This quote struck me today as last night before I slept, I was thinking if I've taken up too many commitments this semester (look at previous post for involvements). Hopefully all goes well. I believe my buddies around me can help me pull through this semester.

Looking forward to Command.


Please be fine

One word - shocked.


First post of 2007!

Hello everyone! Didn't realize I haven't blogged for quite some time.

Today marked the last time I'm entering the CORS website, which means the end of University life is near. Having mixed feelings about graduating, but guess it's time to move on and enter a new phase of life. There are only a few things left that I want to achieve in the remaining months -

Jan: (1) FYP submission (2) qualify for handball finals for guys n gals
Feb: (1) Chingay performance (2) pass driving test
Mar: (1) FYP poster presentation (2) A Cappella concert (3) COMMAND
Apr: (1) Exams (final day 26/04)

I bet time will fly really quickly man!


Great Festive Season!

Hope everyone had a blessed and fun Christmas! I had an enjoyable weekend/X'mas with friends. I mean, what's Christmas without the ones that matter in your life?

23rd - KR Alumni Day. Played soccer, bball, netball and some sports at NUS High School. Was fun seeing the 'legends' back in action. Hon n JM scorched the Bball team while Zidane aka keith n short chee hong (charlie) got humbled 6-2 in the soccer field by the current IHG soccer team. It was a successful event overall and the attendance was great. Kudos to Alvin, Wilson, Amanda and Qingyou (only e blkers, the rest i dunno who they are) for making the event a success! Muacks!

24th - Xmas party at Huan's. Same old faces went, spent most of the night playing W11 though. Should have played more team games or just chat, that would have been more meaningful. Had a mini gift exchange and I got a really lame book from Nick da BOTAK - The Va Dinci Cod. When I'm done analyzing the fish (cod), I'll let you know what's the story about.

25th - Christmas! Suddenly felt like spending money so went IMM to shop for clothes and watched "The Night at the Museum". Funny show and light-hearted. Great!

26th - Exam Results are out! Contented with them and happy so long as I maintain my 2nd upper. Congrats to those who did well (mg dean's list again??)

Design 1 - B+
Making Sense of Society - B+
Downstream Processes - B+
Petrol Refining - A-

Sem Cap: 4.11 (boo dropped!)

Still in the festive mood, but must get back to my FYP b4 I die a horrible death.


Movie nightout!

Just watched Curse of the Golden Flower with Darren, qy and Joel. Chow Yun Fatt got the 'say', Gong Li got the Boobs and Jay Chow just can't act for nuts. The story revolves around the nature (good or evil) of man and the ending is really so crappy. Thought some of these pictures were really good. Enjoy.

I think she's pretty. Good complexion and superb cleavage. Qy was drooling throughout the show. Incredible, good casting. HAHA..

I personally like this one! Damn 'say' la.


miss my neighbours

It has been raining non-stop for the past 3.5 days, I seriously wonder where do all the water come from. Perhaps the Geog students (melf or yanjie) can enlighten me. haha..

In such cold weather, nothing beats cuddling up in bed with your loved one (not doing naughty things...) or drinking a cup of hot coffee with a friend. But too bad, 6th floor seems to be a ghost town most of the time! QY is resting at home (poor neighbour injured his knee again..), Ben is always out with his girl and YQ is sneaky (still??!!). My new 'best' friend is prob Yang Jiada already - he treats me to his self-brewed Starbucks coffee and we often have good W11 games. Ha..

I only do 2 main things this holidays - handball and FYP. Situation in handball is quite jialat esp with injuries hitting our key players and ruling them out of IHG. Girls team is still very amateur and needs plenty of work. Hopefully I'm a value-add to the teams and able to lead them to achieve their goals. FYP is bad too, my prof MIA and I'm not receiving guidance to progress. I actually feel neglected. Sigh.

Christmas is coming! It's a season of giving and telling your loved ones how much you love them. Remember: love actually is all around.



Terrible football weekend:
  1. Chelsea TYCOly beat Everton 3-2 in the last 10min
  2. Barcelona lost the World Club Championship
  3. Man U lost to West Ham 1-0. Their worst ever performance this season. tsk
One more week to Christmas! But too bad there won't be any Xmas gathering due to clash of dates. Haiz.. Hopefully there can be a mini-one?

Where's everyone? The hall is truly a ghost-town (Dinah, Dec06).


Eguana Gathering

Kudos to the block comm who organized a great BBQ gathering for the block and the alumni. The food was not bad and the company was superb. There were at least 6 generations of eguanas represented last night.

In ascending order in terms of the graduation year:

  • 2005: Huan, Vimal, Chin, Vincent Gan (the REAL chee hong) and the Golden Girls (Hong Zheng, Mavis, Wanlyn, Ruiyi)
  • 2006: Charlie aka short chee hong
  • 2007: QY, ben, yq, yannick, darren n myself (no girls.......)
  • 2008: Ron, Janice, Robin, Linus, Steph, Alvin and Aiping
  • 2009: Dinah, Albert, J-lo, Sunny, Christina, Hong Ye, Changjie, Val, Miao Hui (declared her love for Nigers), Jiemin, Baolai and the current Yr two
  • 2010: Rachel, Yanni, Yanjie, Esther, Zhenyi, Cheng Kang, Kaiyi and the current Yr ones

The feeling was great. But probably cos I knew everyone there. I'm sure the lao-langs found it awkward to talk to the Year ones (Huan is 6yrs older than them!!). I hope to come back for more of such events, better still Hall-wide gatherings. Brings back the good and worthwhile memories of my 4yrs in KR.


Boring December

Argh I'm starting to find December very boring. Can't stand doing FYP everyday! Probably cos I'm lost and not sure how to move on. My prof better start helping me!

How I wish I could go overseas for holidays now. BOO...

But one thing to be thankful for: I'm still in selection process in ExxonMobil. I've got a Chem Engine friend -> 1st Class Honours since Sem 1, on scholarship, 3 sems of Dean's List, a relatively decent CCA record (mine is better of course :p) and did his IA in ExxonMobil, but he was just rejected.

I'm shocked and confused on what exactly does the company look for. Whatever it is, I'm thankful that I still make the cut. Scary eh.

12 days to Christmas! yeah..